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Hi everyone,

We've just released a free version of Reflect, our codeless automation testing platform.  Reflect allows you to create automated tests simply by executing your manual steps in our cloud-based browser.  We record your actions and translate them into a repeatable test that you can run whenever you want.

We want to empower manual testers to create and maintain automated test suites without having to learn how to code.  If you've had bad experiences with record-and-playback tools in the past, it's worth giving us a shot as we've strived to make our test recorder the most accurate in the industry.

We're launching our free tier on Product Hunt today.  But more information, including comprehensive documentation, can be found at our website: https://reflect.run.

I'm one of the creators of this product and will be watching this thread so if you have any questions feel free to drop a message here and I'll be sure to respond.

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Can you please share more details anout the tool. Also want to know how reliable and safe to use in a big organisation? You can contact me on mukeshgupta30@gmail.com

Absolutely.  I've just sent you an email with the information you requested.


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