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there are many android app security testing tools. The first one are Mobile Security Framework. it can do automated penetration testing for android. second one is Santoku and many more.

Security testing of the applications carrying sensitive user data is very important. This series is a solution for those who want to take a deep dive into mobile application security testing, as these articles focuses on the approach for pen-testing Android-based mobile applications.

OWASP ZAP is a well-known proxy tool which can be configured to work with mobile applications with a little bit of effort.

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A mobile app is vulnerable to a security threat just like any other application.

With the evolution of a large number of apps that need storing and sharing private information such as bank and health-related data, credit card related any data, and personal ID's to make transactions.

This has made security testing for mobile applications more significant. It is necessary to recognize the threat and figure out how to keep your data safe.

Conducting a test without awareness about security is next to impossible.Many mobile apps developed today make use of third-party libraries and codes.

The third-party support is usually associated with a form of security threat to which an app is vulnerable.

Although the app developer may be aware of these threats, the open source elements of the app have the potential to ruin the performance. It can also sink the app in the market even before they actually emerge.


Mobile App Security Testing

A mobile app, like any other program, is unsafe for a security threat.

With the emergence of a vast number of applications involving the collection and exchange of private information, such as bank and health-related data, credit card related to any data, and personal IDs for transactions.

This has intensified the value of safety testing for mobile applications. Recognizing the danger and finding out how to keep your data secure is important.

It's virtually impossible to carry out a check without security knowledge. Most mobile apps built today use third-party databases and passwords.

Although these risks may be known to the app developer, the app's open-source elements have the potential to ruin the results. Even before they fully surface, it can also destroy the business app.

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To work on security testing there are numbers of security testing tools are available  if you want to learn more about this testing tools you can check here: Top 10 Free Security Testing Tools


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