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Amazon - Interview on 5th April.14 - Saturday in Bangalore


Greetings for the Day!!!

We are happy to invite you to interview with us as per the schedule below for Quality Assurance Engineer II (QAE II) Position in ‘Kindle’ team at Amazon Chennai.

Job Location: Chennai

Interview Date

5th April.14 - Saturday


9:00 AM

Venue Details

Amazon Development Centre (India) Pvt Ltd
World Trade Centre, Brigade Gateway, 8th Floor, 26/1, Dr. Rajkumar Road, Malleshwaram (West), Bangalore 560 055.

Landmark: Near Yeshwantpur bus depot/ Metro Cash & Carry /Colombia Asia Hospital /ISKON Temple / Orion Mall

Contact person

Thenimalai Ramasamy – HR


+91 – 99406 77992

*Note: If you have attended any interview within the last 6 months, you will not be eligible to apply for this interview.


Please carry a copy of this interview invite letter along with a photo ID proof.


Kindly confirm your availability for interview by acknowledging this mail. Looking forward to meet you.


We request you to take some time off from your busy schedule and prepare well for this interview. Please find below the interview competencies:-  


Five rounds of Interview:- Interview Competencies

Test Case Enumeration

Coding (Java, C, C++,C#) / Scripting (Perl, Python, Shell, Java Script)  and Test Data Generation

Problem Solving and Debugging

QA Process, Testing Methodologies  and Team & Project Fit

Leadership skills and Tech Fit


Request you to go over the following link before you appear for an interview with us.



Primary focus is ALWAYS on Test Cases (Non-Functional & Functional Testing), Coding/Scripting, Problem Solving, Debugging skills and Amazon Leadership principles / skills.

We expect our engineers to demonstrates few leadership principles relevant to their roles. Please refer the given link before you appear for an interview - Amazon Leadership principles http://careers.amazon.in/AmazonValues.html


Leadership Skills:


  • ·         Good Customer obsession
  • ·         Dealing with ambiguous situations, ability to work with changing / dynamic business requirements.
  • ·         Technical Deep Dive.
  • ·         Willingness to take ownership
  • ·         Being self-critical (Vocally self-critical, Ready to accept the mistakes), should be able to identify the reasons for failure, admit and work backwards to improve it.
  • ·         Bias for action(taking right decisions, backed by enough data. Be calculative while making important decisions)
  • ·         Push back ability, Disagree & Commit
  • ·         Deliver Results
  • ·         Energy Level, Passion for testing/Quality.


Interview Preparation Points:-


Competencies: Scripting/Coding, Test Data Generation, Test Case Enumeration – (Functional and Non-Functional Testing), Problem Solving and Debugging/troubleshooting


Ø  Do not jump into a solution directly

Ø  Ask the right set of clarifying question before you proceed

Ø  Methodical way of approaching the problem

Ø  Ability to break down the larger problem into smaller one and solve the problem

Ø  Should be able to come up with proper logic and  to write a clean/proper working code

Ø  Should be able to optimize the code

Ø  Do not give up, should be able to pick up the hints given.

Ø  Should be able to come up with wider number of non-functional test data (i.e Null values, boundary values and edge cases)

Ø  Ability to come up with positive and negative set of test data

Ø  Ensure that you are covering all the edge cases, boundary conditions, null values, negative cases.

Ø  Should be able to identify bug in your own code, ability to test your own code.

Ø  Should be able to classify the test cases and come up with exhaustive set of non-functional test cases such as Load Testing, Performance, Security, Compatibility (OS, Browser), Localization, Internationalization, Scalability, Stress testing, Recovery testing, Volume testing, Usability testing


- See more at: http://testingjobss.blogspot.in/2014/04/fwd-amazon-interview-on-5th...(Testing+Jobs)#sthash.NXY8GCCG.dpuf

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