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Hello everyone...

How agile testing is actually carried out what is the exact process that needs to be followed from start to end?

currently iam working in small pvt ltd firm which follows agile(scrum) approach for development  so testing we do is kind of informal  

so how exactly the agile testing is done by following the predefined standard process?

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Agile testing is efficient and smoother way of task execution, should be followed by dev and qa with predefined scopes.

Agile follows the sprint planning minium of  one week and maximum could be 4 week. The work /taks get divided into smaill tasks with scoping and prioritizing using tools/app for eg: JIRA.  Every task has assigned time, dev and qa person with deadline. Team should take scrum for everyday updates and set up, and should propose soulutions on road blcoks. Agile process should be strictly followed by dev and QAs.



thanks for replying..

so you mean suppose dev team is giving release every week so as u said dev and qa teams have daily standup meeting and task is divided into small tasks for the day so as soon as the developer develops or completes the task of that day immediately the QA needs to test it???

in normal scenario QA test after dev team gives the release  so by the time dev team gives the release the qa updates the test case or makes suggestion doc but he starts testing when he gets the release.

Agile works in daily basis work if your sprint is of one week,the whole week work should be divided into five days with specific time for dev to implement and for qa to test. As a QA you should make a plan of test exectuion as per implementation for every day.

Yes, QAs should be there in any kind of meeting for eg: scoping, priotizing, scrum[daily stand up] etc. QA Should do the testing as per plan or as per dev completion if it compelts before the plan.

Test cases writing should be start at early stages and needs to be updated till the time task is ready to test. Since there are many little changes comes while implementation so it better to keep your tc updated.

i got it..

Thank you so much :)


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