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Please can any one explain me this agile model?

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 Since I work in Agile Manifesto I am putting some light over the topic.  In simple... Agile Model works much exactly  like Spiral Model but unlike Spiral... this model works well for Smaller  or Medium size projects........... the beauty of this model is: :

         1) No Planning is done.. simply highlight the process.                  

         2) Changes are welcome even late in development process...

         3) The Main priority is " Satisfy the Customer ".

         4) It helps us in Increasing Productivity and reducing risks.

         5) It demands for regular customer Interaction : ( if possible on-site availability of Customer or Customer's representative is recommended 

         6) Frequent delivery

         7) More iterations 

         8) Test frequently 

         9) Less defects

        10) It is People based rather than plan based......... so Team is everything..

Hope It will give You at least basic idea.   

Here I have uploaded a document ... go through that document too...



Samrat Jha.


Nice Explanation.. :)

  Thanks Veena ...

Thanks a lot...


Thanks a lot...

Hi Aditya,

Agile methodology in software development is an iterative and incremental (evolutionary) approach performed in a highly collaborative manner with just the right amount of ceremony to produce high quality software in a cost
effective and timely manner which meets the changing needs of its stakeholders.

Core principles of Agile methodology :-

  1. “Fits just right” process
  2. Continuous testing and validation
  3. Consistent team collaboration
  4. Rapid response to change
  5. Ongoing customer involvement
  6. Frequent delivery of working software

The great advantage of agile methodology is : dynamic change in requirement and continuous feedback from stakeholders.

Thanks and regards


  Great  Sitam .. however, It is written in a very technical manner but I must say, great Job on your Part..

 Veena Sadashiv  and Sitam Jana , You both are really a valuable resource of this QT family ..,           I find your answers convincing ....  !  In my view Knowledge has no relation with the years of exp a person holds ..  and You both are true examples of It.........     keep it up ...


Samrat Jha.

Thanks a lot..............


In Agile method (Scrum) project, if a functionality has a large points say 21 points. Till the functionality is done and build has been given to the testing. What was the role of tester for those days? (till that 21 points getting completed).


Scrum team of two developer, one tester and a Scrum Master.

Both developers working on 21 point scenario each.


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