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"After Running J meter Internet is not working until i close j meter tool??

"After  Running J meter (performance tool)  Internet  is not working until i close j meter tool??

Need   some suggestions why i'm getting this this?

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May be your IP is blocked by google.

We  can unblock manually ?? 

Please check your internet on different browser like chrome, IE.

until i close j meter internet is not working in all browsers .i checked just now 

Run Jmeter on proxy server. You need to set proxy in internet options.

Try and let me know if it works.

Networking guys saying like we can't give proxy server address.. 

So   only because of proxy i'm getting internet disconnection???

Networking guys has nothing to do with it.

Follow these steps and it should run:

1. Start JMeter
2. Select Test Plan on the tree
3. Add Thread Group
4. Add HTTP Request
5. Add Recording Controller
6. Add HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder to WorkBench
7. Set Target Controller where your recorded scripts will be added
8. Start HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder
9. Start FF Browser : choose Tool >> Option >> Advanced >> Network >> Setting >> Enter HTTP proxy

1. Proxy added to Firefox

2.  After adding proxy to firefox, if i run j meter also getting same issue , internet connection is lost..

Please refer screenshots 


I have used same configuration and recorded script for google search for your reference. It is working fine.

Attached is jmx file and FF setting png.

Please check your firewall setting also. Off the firewall an try.


checked . windows  firewall is Off mode only..

Still not getting internet .. if i close j meter then internet is working...

Have you clicked on Start button of Test Script recorder?

Send screenshot of LAN setting of IE.

while starting i'm clicking ...after  completion test scenario test case is showing  like 0/100.. means test case completed ...

After completion of test case i'm getting  an issue i.e internet disconnect ..


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