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Hi All, Please provide the advantages of Selenium vs QTP?

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Hi Srinivas,

If it was a question, please add "what is the" infront of your question, I'm sure many people might have checked this page to know the difference ..lol

So if you are familiar with QTP, it is a commercial tool, means you need to pay for it, where are Selenium on other hand is open source and free. QTP is Object based, and Selenese is Object oriented. Selenium supports multiple Scripting languages, It was worldwide forum support, many major companies are supporting selenium, and not to forget the GRID, which is not available on QTP. Selenium works on a browser and not for OS applications....


Thanks much for providing the info. 

Selenium Advantages

  • open source tool
  • no maintenance cost
  • support with multiple languages
  • support for different browsers
  • support for multiple operating systems

All the above advantages are not available in QTP


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