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Advantages of automation over manual testing? Any reply with real time example.


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Hi Pallavi,

-- Using Automation testing we can complete the testing process faster than manual.
-- Using automation we can reduce the human error, as once we record the script for one time and run that n number of times.if we have avoided the error in recording for the first time then we can ensure that all the execution related to that script is correct.
-- For more complex and repeatable work/testing we can automation. (regression testing and retesting)
-- we need less no of resources if we are using automation.
-- you can save more time
-- save money and resources

Manual Testing and Automation testing have its own advantage and disadvantage.

If company is working on a shot term project (small project) then manual testing will be better. Since the number of resource used will be less. Because the tool cost is expensive.

If it’s a long term project company prefer Automation. The number of recourse used in the project can be reduced. And in this case also you have to see that for each build there are major changes always. If so the previous script used can't be reused and each time u has to go for a new script. So in that case manual testing will be good.

if you need any explanation please get back...

Bye Tc
Hi Sanjay,

I agree with your answer.

Simple answer - time saving, resource and money
to talk in terms of testing vocabs->
1. in regression testing
2. in re-testing
3. in data generation
4. in data exhaustive testing
in all the above mentioned points automation is advantageous over manual testing.......

and a real time example which would fit best is: ->

consider exhaustive testing for a calculator which takes values from 0 to 500...
Can we test this effectively using manual testing?... :) :)
-->Answer is No; because its so tedious......

i took the above consideration for example....in real world CALCULATOR takes values much more than 500 :)

Shirish Deshpande

In Manual testing we can't test CALCULATOR effectively ?
Hi Shakthi,
you can test calc but; here
i said "exhaustive testing for a calculator"..... mean try to take every digit and do testing whether calculator works for it or not.... do you think is it feasible to do manually?

In my product i did calculator testing in manual ... (not a scientific calculator)... that's why i asked to you :)
i agree shakthi to you.............but did you do exhaustive testing in your product?
its so tedious .....and if you did it then I cant say anymore.... but automation is anytime preferred over that...this is what I can bet upon! ;)
i did through testing shrish, i didn't get chance to work in automation :( ... if i have some idea in automation may be i will feel the difference between manual and automation ... thanks for ur response :)
One of the Testing Principles says that "Exhaustive Testing is impracticle". You are saying that you have done exhaustive testing using some automation tool. Is it the best way to use an automation tool?

Whenever we go for automation, ROI (Return of Investement) is also considered as one factor.


You have posted useful points, plz add one simple point too,

We should do Manual ttest at least one time for all the applications/products/projects and we couldn't do automation without Manual testing.



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