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hi all,
can you please add one scenario and bug for it , which you think is rare or not usual...which will give you greate appriciation(very good bug)......................


create user

on create user page , refreshing the page created another copy of user!!
 this is usual but we miss to check this..and also this is very good bug !

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I found a bug as explained below which i found the good one.


Example: Details of an employee can be seen before approve by admin


1.In admin, Add an employee details and it has to be approved once all details added.

2.Approve the url and copy it in text pad

3.Delete the employee details by admin

4.Now paste it in the browser, Probably u can check the employee details without login as admin

5.Employee details should not show


This i found one f the good bug while testing web application


I found a bug during money transaction testing in web application  -

when once transaction successfully completed then press Browser Back button and found same transaction again happening. It should not be happened.


Hitesh Shah




In search text box type "%%%%%%%" or "____________" or "by" and hit enter, you will get all the records that are in database.



It is because  "%" consider as like operator...correct me if i m wrong.

Boundry value:

Real Estate domain:

We provide property search on property type, min price, max price, min bed, max bath, city etc and user sets alert on that basis

1) System did not send out email with having price as min 1 to 15,00,0000-although was able to get property results.





thanx all for reply...

this actually helps all of us to increase our skill...


Hi Maitray Bhatt,

Bug which I found during playing a Video.
Played half of the video and click twice in the Video  window. System (Computer) itself got shutdown.

With Warm Regards,


same bug i found during mobile application testing, but in that case application was crashing.


while creating agent..change the date time format as( yyyy-MM-dd)..Error occured while Processing in windows Application

a text box accepts only 10-15 aplphabets when i tried to enter 16 alphabets the applicaion crashed i know it is aganist requirements but it should display a error message but aplicaiton was crashed

correct me if im wrong


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