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I need to do accessibility testing for a website.
Can you please suggest me any tool.
Feel free to share your experience in accessibility testing.


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Hi Usha,

Tools for accessibility Testing for web pages

1)WAT (Web Accessibility Toolbar) for Internet Explorer and Opera (Web Accessibility Tools Consortium)
The Web Accessibility Toolbar allows you to test for a wide variety of aspects of accessibility from one toolbar installed in your Internet Explorer or Opera web browser. Highly recommended! For Firefox, try the Firefox Accessibility Extension.

2)WAVE Web Accessibility Tool (WebAIM)
WAVE displays your web page graphically with icons that indicate errors or possible problems. You can even continue to browse within your site, all while using WAVE. To use it online, enter the URL of your page or upload your page to the WAVE site. You can also install a convenient browser toolbar or "bookmarklet" to make accessibility checking with WAVE as simple as clicking a button in your browser window while you are testing your site.

3)A-Prompt (Accessibility Prompt) (University of Toronto)
A-Prompt (Accessibility Prompt) is a downloadable software tool for Windows 98/98SE/2000/Me/XP. It first evaluates the Web page to identify barriers to accessibility, and then provides assistance in making the necessary repairs. You can check one page or focus on a particular element in a page. A-Prompt is available in either English or French, and is well-documented with screen shots and a Quick Start Tutorial on the web site.

4)ATRC Web Accessibility Checker (University of Toronto)
This online Web Accessibility Checker from the University of Toronto's Adaptive Technology Resource Centre allows you to test your page against a specific guideline/priority level, and provides a detailed report listing potential problems. For each item identified, it also summarizes the process used to test your page.

Simulation Tools

VisCheck & Daltonize: Colour Blindness Simulation & Correction (Delorie.com)
Roughly 1 in 20 people have some sort of colour vision deficiency, and sometimes can't see things that "colour normal" people can see. VisCheck lets you check your work for color blind visibility. Use it online by uploading your image files or web page, or download Photoshop plug-ins to run on your own Macintosh or Windows PC. The "Daltonize" tool can be used to correct images for colour-blind viewers.

Lynx Viewer Text-Only Simulator (Delorie.com)
Text is the media that is most "translatable" to a variety of assistive devices, so checking if your page would be usable in text-only mode is an excellent test for basic accessibility. This service allows you to approximate what your pages will look like when viewed with Lynx, a text-mode web browser. This is a good way to spot problems with missing or poor-quality ALT text.

Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer (Delorie.com)
Want to see if your page would be usable without tables, scripts or style sheets? Visit this site, enter the URL of your page, and check only those features that you want the browser to be able to see. This site is meant for checking if your pages would be usable with older web browsers, but it can also be used to simulate common accessibility issues. For example, turn off images to see your ALT text in place. Turn off tables to see what order text would appear in without the table, a good indicator of how usable the page might be to someone using a screen reader. Or, turn off style sheets to see if someone who uses their own style sheet to compensate for low vision will still be able to use your page.

Gowtham, Nice explanation. Keep it up
Thanks Gowtham.

Hi Usha,

Accessibility Testing is a kind of testing that helps to make sure that your clients software product is easily accessible by the people having certain set of disabilities like Blindness, physical impairment, color blindness, old age, deafness etc. Below are some of the commonly used open source/paid automated accessibility tools that now a days are being adopted by software testing company.

1. Accessibility Inspector in Xcode:(Used for web accessibility testing)
Its a utility window that displays the information related to action methods,landmark information, properties and its values using mouse

2. VoiceOver for iOS:(Used for both web and Mobile accessibility testing)
Its a touch screen gesture recognition based screen reader.

3. TalkBack for Android: (Used for Mobile accessibility testing)
TalkBack is Android's built-in screen reader tool.

4. A11Y Tools by Paul J Adam: (Used for web accessibility testing)
Its a collection of HTML Web Accessibility Testing Tools that is located under one single location on your iPhone/iPad and iPad.

5. IOS Color Contrast Checker:(Used for both web and Mobile accessibility testing)
Its a tool to measure the color contrast between two colors(Background/foreground) in a web or mobile website which helps ensure your app meets
the guidelines defined under WCAG.

6. Switch Access for Android(Used for Mobile accessibility testing)
This android tool helps ensuring that the user interact with Android devices using a switch(that would help switching access for a mobile
device via some other device) instead of just the touch screen.

7. Accessibility Scanner: (Used for Mobile accessibility testing)
Its an android device scanning tool that suggests accessibility improvements for Android apps.

I hope my answer will help you.



I hope you are doing good...

According to your question, I think you want to do accessibility Testing with the help of test automation but before jump into the actual point please check some ways of accessibility Testing.

1) Vision Disability

2) Visual Impairment


and if you are talking about accessibility testing tools then I would like to refer you Accessibility Valet tool

Thnaks and regards,

Priti, Works with Top Compatibility Testing Company


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