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About certifications/courses required for the Fresh Software Testers



I am a Fresh Software Tester (manual).

I am in the 7th month of Manual Testing.

I want to know how can I become a unique tester?

For achieving good position in testing domain, what are all the certifications/courses I should start now?

Kindly help me to define my career path.


Thanks in Advance,


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As of now there is no need of certifications for you.Preliminary level starts with ISTQB which need to have 24 months of experience so min 2 years will be good enough for achoeving the certifications so meanwhile you can a good grip in manual concepts and automation so that it will give a ladder to your path.
Automation is also playing an important path in your life.
Friends please correct me if iam wrng.

Added to Anil's Reply.. AS Foundation level certification in ISTQB doesnt require any experience you can write that test and it definitely helps .It is helpful if you clear this certification with more marks instead of Just get through the exam.
All the Best!

Thanks Anil & Veerendra...

Which backend knowledge is best for testers?
Hi Lakshmi,

As you are fresher to the manual testing I suggest you to do the ISTQB foundation level certificate in which you wil coe to kow the basic testing life cycle and differnt appraoches to testing.
I think ISTQB foundation level is the best so that you can learn about the testing types and all in deep.
Also ISTQB foundation level doesnt need any experience get the certification.

You can get more details regarding that certification from the link below

Regarding backend knowledge , its better to learn SQLServer 2000 as a beginner.
Thanks to all of you for ur valuable suggestions...

Now I am clear with my goals in my career path.
Thanks a lot...

What is your definition of "unique tester"?

For those who replied to this post by saying XXXXX certification - does certification really add value or makes you better tester?

Best Regards,


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