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A Small Puzzle(Don't google it plz) Try to solve by your own

Puzzle: There are 4 people say(A,B,C,D) and there is a Bridge which can hold the weight of 2 people at a time. A will reach the other side of the bridge with in 2 min and B will reach in 1 min, C will reach in 5 min and D will reach in 10 min. 

Note: Torch should be mandatory while crossing the bridge. Without torch they can't cross it.

All 4 people are at one side of the bridge and they need to cross to other side by carrying torch.

If A,B crosses the bridge it takes both 2 min

If C,D crosses it takes both 10 min

If A,C it takes both 5 min

if B,C it takes both 5 min

Now the question is, how can we cross the bridge in 17 min total. Please give me combinations

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B+A=2 Mins

B comes back in 1 min= so 2+1=3 mins.

now C+D=5+10=10 mins.

So overall time= 3+10=13 mins.

Now A comes back with torch. so 2 mins. i.e., 2+13=15Mins

Now AB will go back.i.e., 15+2 mins=17mins

One more puzzle.

There is a gold bar which is 7 mts length.You have a worker who does gardening work at your home. At the end of every day, you need to give some piece of gold for the work done. The piece you are giving for the work done should be same across all 7 days. 

Now the question is, You need to do 2 cuts of this 7 mts length gold bar and give it equal amount every day. How will you cut and how will you give it?

Try this puzzle:

A boys asks name of a girl and she replies as
   4.1 4.3 8.1 2.1
whats her name?



Please explain, how to get this answer.

Check the mobile which has keypad(not smartphone)

Thanks. Got it.


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