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In an interview a question is asked to a 1+ years of experience and 4+ years of exp people about regression testing?Whether the 4+ years people should explain all the scenarios which he was come acrossed, How he will show or prove..that he is 4+ by the way of answering...in regression testing.

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 The Concept of Regression testing remains same for all of the interviewee ....   so make it more clear that what do you mean to say/ask..? 

Definition can not change either four + experience person speak or 1+ . Definition is always definition. 

Reg ration testing. Re execution of test cases on modified build to ensure that those bugs have been fixed are not affect associate functionality thats called regration testing.

Suppose you have 10 test cases and out of 10 4 are pass and six are fail. then in reg ration. whe execute all the test cases either pass or faill which affect functionality.

If any confusion

please write abidali.khan3@gmail.com  


 @ Abid,

     We will not execute all 10 test cases in regression testing...  rather ...  when we execute those test cases which failed in previous test runs is called retesting but when we execute those test cases which passed in previous test run is called regression testing ... but Re is always a part of regression...

 indeed we will execute all test cases ... but failed test cases for confirmation and passed test cases for regression.......

Basiclly Regression Testing is regression testing for both 1 Yr Exp. and 4 yr exp. , The concept of regression testing after some changes in coding when we test again then we need to find out the effects of these changes, I mean to say these changes of coding meets and fullfill the requrement of that particular project.It means how its effectig on to the project.

Whatever the experience it may be, it may be explained as follows:


Regression testing is the re-execution of some / all test cases of a testing activity for each build to verify whether the changes / fixes made have not introduced new errors.


Regression testing should be performed: 1) when the environment has changed or 2) after the software has changed



Suppose there are 30 test cases. After executing these test cases, we found 20 test cases were passed and 10 test cases were failed. These failed 10 test cases will be reported as bugs. After the bug fixes, re-executing the passed test cases (20) on the modified build is called Regression testing and re-executing the failed test cases (10) on the modified build is called Retesting.

Hi guys,,

            Sorry guys  i am not asking about regression testing....just i am asking the way of answering...for 4+ thats it..suppose 1+ and 4+ will not answer in the same way..If we are 4+ means what are the major point should be carried out..There will be difference in answering between these guys...thats it

No senthamilselvan,

They all are trying to say answer will be the same for both persons, it not changes for any of the years experience person....

@Rajesh sama 

Smart answer

Hi buddy,

Hay dont bother abt 4+ or 1+ whatever it may be,

The ans is same, just answer him/her wat u know,

just a simple answer.





Thank u guys...



To sync with interviewer on what regression testing is the guys nailed it.


To set yourself apart from the 1 year a quick response of 4+ years I have performed regression on 12 product releases testing 20 features and utilized automation release over release to improve regression coverage by 40%. Would you like additional detail of my experience?


Keep it short and to the point and throw it back into the interviewers lap to request additional information.Don't go on and on!




The definition is the same, however, there's a difference in approach to how a more seasoned person looks at regression.


A junior person might consider regression testing to be a run of a set number of test cases.

A seasoned person might consider incorporating high priority business impacting test cases as part of regression.


Working in this space for some time does give the tester the aptitude to creatively run the regression test suite based on his/her working knowledge and expertise.


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