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5 Industries that Definitely Need a Web Portal Solution

Web portals work as a gateway. Where this gateway leads, depends on the purpose you want to fulfill.

Imagine an apartment building. A lot of people live there. It is a public area but each house in that apartment is private. You can only enter a house if you have a key to it.

You can get a key if you buy or rent a house there. And you can only get into the house you bought or rented. In other words, you have limited access to a big building.

Similarly, a web portal is the entrance to a large apartment building. And you can go in if you have the key to your house. To put it simply, a web portal is your specific access to a large database. There are various industries that can use a web portal to interact with their staff, as well as their customers. And they need to search for custom web portal solutions so that the portal matches their individual requirements.

Let’s talk about the various buildings where it would be beneficial to have a key:


Students can have access to all their study materials and marks, while the teachers can add marks, arrange classes, add homework assignments, etc. The administrative department can have access to manage courses, school admin work, student files, class management, etc. They can also assign classroom for lectures, as well as see the fee data of each student. Similarly, the principal can overlook all the activities that are happening, each teaching faculty’s progress as well as the financial data of the school or college, without micromanaging every little task. All of this interaction happens on one database, with different types of access for each role.


This portal can be a link between the hospital and patients. The hospital can update the patient’s diagnosis, prescribe medicines, update test results, etc. This gives the patient a full medical file that they can access online whenever they need. This portal also comes in handy if a person were to be a registered organ donor. The hospital would be able to run a match with anyone needing an organ much faster if initial information is available almost immediately.


Imagine having one place where patients can access all the information about their medicines. This portal can also educate them about prescribed medicines. This way they can be aware of what they are putting in their bodies and can switch meds if required. This way, the patients would never be without required medication, as the portal can also remind them to restock at regular intervals.


A banking portal is something you might already be using. Technically, a banking web portal enables the net banking features that you use. You can manage all the accounts you have in one bank with single portal access. You can also apply for checkbooks, transfer money, generate credit card PINs, etc. with just a few clicks. Without this portal, these activities would require multiple trips to the bank. A banking portal also has a convenient feature that keeps track of all your monthly bills that you can simply pay from right within the portal.

No matter what industry you are in, no matter what building you want to build, you will need to get a set of keys for the relevant people. The way to do this is put forward your custom portal development requirements to a web portal development company. This means everyone gets the keys to the rooms that they need to work in and the operations run smoothly!

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