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Hi Raquel !
The different states of bug (defect) and the typical cycle for of testing differetiates between Defect life cycle and test cycle which are enumerated as under:-------

The different states of a bug life cyclecan be summarized as follows:
1. New
2. Open
3. Assign
4. Test
5. Verified
6. Deferred
7. Reopened
8. Duplicate
9. Rejected and
10. Closed

A typical cycle for testing can be summerised as follows:
1.Requirements analysis
2.Test planning
3.Test development
4.Test execution
5.Test reporting
6.Test result analysis Or Defect Analysis
7.Regression testing
8.Test Closure .

Any comments are welcome.
_______ JAY ________
Jay, thanks for u r answer.
I agree with JAY's answer. He explained very detailed about Bug Life Cycle and Testing Life Cycle.
Defect Life Cycle:
1. New
2. Open
2. Assign
3. Fix
4. Verified
5. If the bug fixed, then Close it, other wise
6. Reopen

Test Life Cycle:
1. SRS discussion
2.Test plan
3.Test Cases
4. Execute Test Cases
5.Test reporting
6.Test result analysis
7.Regression testing
8. User Acceptance Testing
Jays ans is simple and detailed


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