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what is defect removal efficiency(DRE). Explain or if u have any doc pls share.

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DRE is a measure to detect defects before delivery.It is calculated as a percentage of the defects identified and corrected internally with respect to the total defects in the complete project life cycle. Thus, DRE is the percentage of bugs elimiated by reviews, inspections, tests etc.

DRE= (Defect Found by Internal Team/Total no of defects found) * 100
Thanks for reply Jelissa
A-> Defects found by the testing team while doing testing
B-> Defects found by the customers.
Hi Ramakrishna,

Defect removal efficiency (DRE) = (E/ E+D) x 100 where
E = Pre-delivery errors (detected during all QC / QA) activities
D= Post –delivery Defects

Objective: - Reduce Pre and Post Delivery Defects in all Deliveries. Indicates the efficiency of defect removal methods, as well as indirect measurement of the quality of the product.

Unit: - %
Aren't All definitions given below relate to Defect Detection Efficency?
its essential to understand the perspective of DDE vis a vis to DRE though the formulae remains same!!!
I Agree with Abhijeet, they DDE not DRE.


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