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** What is Database testing?
** What we normally Test/check for in the Database Testing?
** What are the different stages involved in Database Testing
** What is data driven test?
** What is way of writing testcases for database testing?
** What steps does a tester take in testing Stored Procedures?
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1)here database testing means test engineer should test the data integrity, data accessing,query retriving,modifications,updation and deletion etc

2) i dont know

3) Verify wheather the fornt end values are correctly storing in the back end databse by writing the sql queries.

Verify the Constraints (Primary key,foreign key, Composite key)

check the performance of the Stored Procedurs

check for the execution of the Triggers

4)Data-driven testing means that scripts read data from an external storage site, for example, from a file or database, rather than use values hard-coded in the script. Such a separation makes tests logically simpler. A script containing several sets of hard-coded values can be rather difficult to modify. For instance, if you need more input data, you will have to modify the script code

a)Retrieving input data from storage.
b)Entering data in an application form.
c)Verifying the results.
d)Continuing with the next set of input data.

5) For writing test cases in Database first one should define the project name, then module,Bug number,objective,steps/action undertaken,expected result,actual result, then status, priority and severity.Also specify the functions, stored procedures used, table/view or control structures causing the error if you can identify.

6)It is necessary to impliment error handling mechanism in stored procedures, where in every system thrown error messages will be taken care off. Its testers job to check for error handling mechanism.Say for example: a variable is declared with varchar 30 and user tried to assign a value which is 40 size.....system will throw the error saying buffer too small or 'something like that.In the above case we should not leave SP or application using the SP in an unknown situation


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