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Using qtp how can we check, the added amount is correctly updated or not. For eg: Let, initially there is a balance of 1000rs in an account and to it 50 rs was added. Now, how to find, the out put of the added amount is 1050rs and is displaying correct or not.

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Hi Sunil Kumar,

Give some more info about your question..
the adding amount with initial amount is done by QTP Script or others..

any way try the below steps,

1->store the value of the balance by using getroproperty into one variable
2->add the incremented value into the variable.
3->use check property to check the current value with the variable value..
Hi Saravanan,

I would like to request u to that suppose If u have basic doc on QTP , general Script and FAQ on same then Please let me know. i want to start & learn QTP with taking help from U .....

and let me know the QTP installation Key of long team if you have ....

thank you much in touch ......
ya sure.. will u please ping me on gmail id.. saran.j86@gmail.com..
Hi Saravanan,

This is Suguna, could you please also send me basic document on QTP, general scripts samples and FAQ.
I will email you my ID.

Thanks & Regards,
Follow this blog and it may be useful to u
Hi Mahesh,

the following links I got it from Sumit Kalra(Shiva Reddy's discussions--->http://www.qualitytesting.info/forum/topics/share-qtp-scripts) on QT....

http://www.onestopsoftwaretesting.com/ (there is a lot of QTP Material in this site)
Thank u for u support
ya i got the answer and i could able to go a ahead with u r suggestion.
Thank u once again


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