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We are doing web applications in my project. Please answer my question.

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Nowadays in digital era, demand of online websites is increasing a lot. Hence, a lot of testing also needed to make a website stable and ready for end user.

To test a website we should do below kind of testing as per qa testing services :

1. Functional Testing - This kind of testing includes testing each module of application with respect to business specification.

2. Usability Testing - In this type of testing testers will use the system and as per end user experience. So that application will be easy to use.

3. Compatibility Testing - In this kind of testing application is tested on different hardware/software configurations.
Like Windows 7/8/10 , Browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

4. Performance Testing:  In this type of testing, application is put under different set of load to check its performance. Here virtual users are created with the help of a tool and tester will check performance of application.

5. Security Testing - In this type of testing testers check how secure system this. Generally it makes sure that how much the system is secure to possible intrders.

6. Automation Testing - In this kind of testing, tester will automate the repetitive tasks that testers needs to do. This will increase the efficiency of QA team.


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