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How do you assure the Quality of your Project

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Hi Srinu!
When one starts some discussion it would be better to display some material, leading points and topics on subject under discussion by one who initiates.

Say on your topic of discussion it would be better if you provide following:
** The type of project
** The length of period of project
** Is project based on manual testing or automated testing
** Project events
** Tasks involved in the project
** Project team's strength
**Where does the process start and end?
**What are the major steps in the process?
**What are the primary process inputs and outputs?
**Who are the key customers of the process (both internal and external)?
**Who are the key suppliers of the process (both internal and external)?
** Other points which you feel of importance for project improvement

Based on such details a specific model to evaluate and improve the project can be set up.
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