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Please explain briefly

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it my based the experiance:
1. To imporve the quality of the product ( product has no bug).
2. For verification & validation.
3. Reliability of system(application)
4.Stability of the system.
5. To found the performance of the system or application.

Based on the company:
Objectives of Testing

Testing is essential because of:

* Software reliability
* Software quality
* System assurance
* Optimum performance and capacity utilization
* Price of non-conformance
1. Identifying the defects
2. Preventing the defects
3. To check whether the customer requirements criterion is met.
4. To measure the quality of the Product.
Goals of S/W Testing is

Make sure the software met the user requirements
Ease of use
Early detection of errors

Primary goals of software testing

1.Finding defects;

2.Gaining confidence about the level of quality and providing information;

3. Preventing defects

4. Tells about the risk of releasing the system at the given time

Goals of Software Testing:
a. Verification
b. Error-Detection
c. Validation.


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