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I am working as Software Test Engineer. I am not getting proper answer to this question.

On release date also i am getting small UI issues, but not functionality bugs.

Can any body answer my question please.

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There is so solution for this question:
1. Deadlines of the projects reaches.
2. Test cases completed with certain percentage passed
3.Stop When Scheduled Time For Testing Expires
4.Stop When All The Test Cases Execute Without Detecting Errors

testing can be done till the product has a no bugs..
By using Req.Traceability Matrix.....we get functionality coverage.
If all functionaltys are covered..then stop testing.Thats all enough....ok
This is difficult to determine. Many modern software applications are so
complex, and run in such an interdependent environment, that complete testing
can never be done.
Common factors in deciding when to stop are:
• Deadlines (release deadlines, testing deadlines, etc.)
• Test cases completed with certain percentage passed
• Test budget depleted
• Coverage of code/functionality/requirements reaches a specified point
• Bug rate falls below a certain level
• Beta or alpha testing period ends


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