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This is one of the interview question, i was faced in WIPRO. Please send me as soon as possible

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Hi sandhya,

my answer to ur question will be like this, yahoo messenger is a perfect example of Client-server architecture( we install yahoo client on our machine, whenever we r exchanging message with any person, first our message goes to the yahoo server from where it is redirected to the user with whom we r talking) so in this case all those testing scenarios for client-server based architecture are applicable.any1 has any more knowledge on this plz reply back to me.....

thx n regards,
bobby vohra
Here are some test case which we can carried out to test Yahoo

1) Yahoo messenger installation.
2) Create Account Or Login
3) Add Friend/s
3) Check whose are online to chat( Those are from added)
4) Try to Chat
5) file sending
6) R u able to login with 2 id's on the same system.
7) Does your id appear on the messenger?
8) Check for the changing status i.e
available,invisible,visible etc......

If I am wrong please correct me.


how to write test scenario for installation a messenger in your machine...


Why didn't you ask the interviewer, what he/she is willing to test in Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger is a vast tool, can't be tested in Interview!!!

Nice one !!!! :-) Man...


U first Tell the Folowing scenarios

Alert Messge should be display  if u tryto login the yahoo messager  using ur gmail /sify/window mail email IDS

unable to send the friend request , if all ready tat friend in ur friend account

verify the status(visible ,invisible)


1.first install the yahoo messager( check installed correctly or not ?)
2. verify yahoo title and text fields(like as user name, password) and forgott password, remeber password as radio button,don't have an account, settings,help , signin button, status(online, offline)(check all)
3.u have already account holder check
a.credentials give both are wrong
b.credentials give both are correct login or not?
c. check without data(credentials) login or not ?
d. if forgott ur password its working or not check once
e. if click on the forgott password
f.sending password to mail id or not ?
g.then password changed or not check once
h.then messanger lon restricted or not check once?
4. if ur not existed user click on don't have account then create account for required text fields available or not check once
a.it will accept already existed account restricted or not ?
b. passwords strength strong or week showing or not ?
c.remaining all text fields accepted or not ? check once
5.after login to yahhp messanger showing status(ex:available, busy,offline) or not
a.online friends showing or not(ur frnds in ur account)
b.offline frnds also available or not if ur sort by online check once
c.if ur select any online friend open or not
d.if opened message sending successfull or not ?
e.if send any msg to offline frnd message sent or not ?
f.check once all settings working correctly or not ?
g.check user image displayed or not when ur select image display option?
6.check frnds add functionality once
7.after click on logout yahoo messanger loged out or not check once
8. then click on close button application closed or not ?
if there is any changes please comment

Thank you all 

Hi Sandhya,

Below is a quick list of test cases used widely by software testing companies while offering the mobile testing services:

1. Check if the app can be:
- found in the app store? (Check after go-live)
- installed on the device?
- de-installed from the device?

2. Check if the application function as expected after re-installation?

3. Check if the app behave as expected in case:
- there is an incoming call or SMS?
- the charger is connected or the charger is disconnected?
- the device goes to sleeping mode or resumes from sleeping mode
- the device resumes from lock screen?
- the device is tilted or shaken?
- a local message or a push message is coming from another app (like: calendar reminders, to-do task, twitter, whatsapp message etc)
- the “Battery low” message is pushed
- the sound on the device is turned off?
- the device is in airplane mode?

4. Check if the functionality of all the buttons or keys on the device works as desired, like:
- if the “back” button take user to the previous screen?
- if the “menu” button opens up the app’s menu?
- if the “home” button take user back to the home screen of the device?
- if the “search” button take user to some form of search within the app?

5. Check if the app interacts with GPS sensor correctly (switch on/off, retrieve GPS data)?



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