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Difference between testing life cycle and bug life cycle?

anyone can answer my question please.

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Test life cycle:

1. Prepare the test strategy.
2. Prepare the test plan.
3. Prepare the test cases.
4. Execute the test cases.
5. Analyse the result.
6. Do the regression testing.
7. Submit the bug free build.

Defect life cycle:

1. If the bug is new then open it.
2. Assign it to tester.
3. Retest it.
4. If still have not resolved reasign it.
5. Retest it.
6. After resolving, close it.
Test Life Cycle:- Test plan preparation Test case preparation Test case execution Test Results

Defects reports bug Life Cycle:- Bug Creation Bug Assignment Bug Evaluation Bug Fixing Bug Verification Bug Closing
Testing Life Cycle:
Testing Life Cycle is total testing activity from begin to end.

1. Test Plan Preparation
2. Test Case Design
3. Test Execution
4. Error Log Reporting
5. Defect Tracking
6. Test Report preparation

Bug Life Cycle:
1. New – Open – Fixed - Closed
2. New – Reject – Closed
3. Close - Reopen


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