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What is descriptive programming? How it is used with QTP?

I want to know more about Descriptive Programming? Can any one explain in detail

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Descriptive programming - When you are not using Object repository. see this links for example

Hi kiran,

descriptive programing is nothing but doing the qtp scripting to identify the testobjects with out the need of object repository( which helps with all the properties of the objects and their values to identify them), we alone assign values to the properties of test objects by creating descriptions for them.... This is done in two ways

01. static desctiptive programming

02.dynamic dscriptive programming

any queiries invited...
Hi Kiran kumar

We use descriptive programming in such a case when Object Respository is unable to find the object from our application then we will click on the object with the help of Object spy then we will write the script. This scripting is called as Descriptive programming.

Descriptive Programming:
Whenever QTP records any action on any object of an application, it adds some description on how to recognize
that object to a repository of objects called object repository. QTP cannot take action on an object until unless its
object description is in the Object Repository. But descriptive programming provides a way to perform action
on objects which are not in Object repository
for Flight Reservation
we start with Test object("Property:= value").method
Dialog("Text:=Login").winedit("Attached text:= Agent Name:").set "nazeer"
Dialog("Text:=Login").winedit("Attached text:= Pas.*").set "mercury"
Dialog("Text:=Login").winbutton("Text:= OK").click


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