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Can anyone tell me exact definition of dirty testing?

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Dirty Testing is nothing but, which is not based on any Test Plan (or) Test Cases to found out that application is stable enough for further testing. I think it is nothing but Negative Testing.

Correct me please
Dirty Testing is also called Negative testing. Negative testing is testing the tool with improper inputs.for example entering the special characters for phone number
I agree with kiran and Anu.
Dirty testing is nothing but negative testing...
Testing the application by putting some negative(dirty) values.

-S Sarita.
Dirty testing is also called Negative Testing.
Dirty Testing is also called Negative Testing.
When Negative testing can uncover more issues, why call it DIRTY?
Negative testing is called as Dirty testing bcoz there is no paln for testing
The Negative testing criteria will be specified in Test Plan, how come no plan for Negative testing?
Negative Testing is a pet name of Dirty Testing.

Negative Testing:
1. Testing the system using negative data is called negative testing, e.g. testing the password where it should be minimum of 8 characters so testing it using 6 characters is negative testing.

2. This is a type of testing which is done by tester's to make sure that the system works fine for the Inputs which the code dosen't designed for.
Yes, dirty testing is nothing but negative testing.
Yes Dirty Testing is also called Negative testing.


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