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What to do if bug not reproduce at developer sysytem?

help me please - very urgent

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thanks Kapil for your reply. Anyone who faced this situation please share this with all of us.
In the case of Exploratory testing, if the tester doesn't know how to reproduce the Steps, what kind of description should we give while reporting the bug ???
Thanks Kapil.......
Hi all,

Please have a look at this post.hope may be useful to u all.


Best Regards,
I faced this problem many times.

This situation may raise when the product have more development bed dependency..
like for JAVA we need JVM..

So try to find the Route cause of the Problem. Because normally developer will not accept the Bug if it is not re-produced in his environment.

The Main Clue is due to Source code dependency this problem will occur.
Before reporting a bug
1.Check if thats a bug or not
2. Reproduce the same in your machine
3. Write down the steps in a notepad or take a video of the same
4. Note down the following points
a) operating Systen b)Browser c) Browser Version d) Browser setting (eg: pop-up blocker, java script enabled)
5.Note down the build release number and compare with the latest build.
6. Check the version of build in the developer system
7. Use the same procedure , browser and browser settings THIS WILL REPRODUCE the bug.

If the bug is not reproduced the issue is not closed BUT the bug is rejected by the developer. The bug status is different in different companies. the status can either be changed to not reproducible.
We are not delivering Developers machine to the client..

"I don't care if it works on your machine. We are not delivering your machine to the client.."



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