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What to do if bug not reproduce at developer sysytem?

help me please - very urgent

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If bug is not reproducible, it is advisable to close it.
------JAY -------
hi pinky,

if a bug is not reproducable at dev end, then first thing to check is the test bed, a qa guy needs to check all the configuratin related to test envt., network topology, envt on testing servers, envt on db servers, envt on testing machines, software configuration, build status, local server status. If all the configuration is same at QA end and Dev end and still the bug is not reproducable then it is case of invalid bug. any1 has any more knowledge plz share.....

thx n regards,
bobby vohra
Thing is that.. if both the environment is same then the bug must be reproducable. if not. the QA has the responsibility to check. there must be a difference in the environment.
I think its env.problem in one of system........if both r same ..it will reproduce......
Yes, i agree with Madhu's answer. If bug is not reproducible means, it is a environmental problem
Bug is not reproduce at developer system, because of environmental issue.
First of all we have to check it out in our system after that try to confirm with other system, whether it was reproducing in that or not.Here one main point is we have note the steps how and in which Scenario we are get that particular bug.Then we have to try in dev sys.
Other wise take screen shot that page and attach it the dev. mail.
If bug is not reproducible to dev end , first recheck the environment as such browser version is the main important point for not reproducing the bug and the second thing is Build number should be same as well as server.
And also check the exception/error in the backend server so we can easily analysis the bug.

If you need more info send query to my id meetanudeep@gmail.com

Hi All,

Lets get some simple and real life solution from me :

Reason :
Its happen because of difference in Environment at Testing & Development end.

Examples : Browser Version, Operating System Service Pack, Windows Policies, Client-Server Configuration, Test Data, Different Build Numbers, etc.

What to do? : In such case when developers are not able to reproduce it, Tester need to reproduce the bug with complete information like I wrote in "Examples"

Tester need to write the step by step action which he is following for testing with exact description of environment of Client & Server machine on which he is working. Apart from this he need to even send the Test Data, means the data which he is using to test the application. Also sends the screen shots if needed.

So this is the best way to reproduce the bug at developer's end. Let me know if any one is not clear on this.

Please feel free to ask any doubts regarding Software Testing & ISTQB.


Kapil Samadhiya
Yes I agree with the Kapil answer. Testers should give the brief description i.e Step by step about the process, environment every thing.

But Kapil after doing all these process if the developer doesnt find it again theh what is the next step keeping the status as closed ?
We(Testers) don't have other option.We must have to close it with respective reason.
Well Gowtham,

This will be something serious if developers are not able to reproduce that even after sending all those details. In this cans that is for sure that some one is doing something wrong.

If we (Tester) is getting some bug, we never Close that without fixing or some conclusion. In such case senior persons gets involved and they try to reproduce it by following steps from the beginning if they are also not able to reproduce it in that case they ask to close the bug with some special comments.

This is what as per my knowledge. I never gone through such situation in my Testing carrier. So if some one really faced it, please share your exp. so that everyone can know.

Please feel free to ask me any doubts regarding Software Testing & ISTQB Certification.


Kapil Samadhiya


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