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Please explain with code?Explain reraise function.What is the extension of the file in Silk where we store declarations?

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SilkTest maximizes your productivity by providing a completely integrated recovery system, which makes it possible for you to run your tests unattended. When the application you are testing fails, or even crashes, the
recovery system restores the application to its base state so that the rest of
your tests can continue to run.


The recovery system can restore your application to its base state at any point during testcase execution:


Before the first line of your testcase begins running, the recovery system restores the application to the base state even if an unexpected event corrupted the application between testcases.


During a testcase, if an application error occurs, the recovery system terminates the execution of the testcase, writes a message in the error log, and restores the application to the base state before running the next testcase.


After the testcase completes, if the testcase was not able to clean up after itself (for example, it could not close a dialog it opened), the recovery system restores the application to the base state.

Anands  explanation is very clear. that's the beauty of silk test


Silk test having the best feature called built in recovery system.
By default tool will handle the errors. If any error is not able to handle by the tool then manualy we have to set the recovery.
What are the script is causing the error it should be kept in to DO BLOCK. And what are the solution for the error it should be kept in to EXCEPT BLOCK.
Go to record menu-actions-record the solution-click copy to clip board-press ctrl+v in the except block.

Apart from existing recovery system (appBaseState) still you can do a lot.

Not only Silk any automation tool you can enhance recovery and you need it for test unattending.


Silk test work intelligently when some time recovery system fail or application crased the silk test recover all problems....

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