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Can any one can share your experience in performaing testing of SAP based applications and Mainframes testing?

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With the introduction of SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java EE 5 Edition, SAP has moved in the right direction by providing a platform for building enterprise-class, scalable, distributed and open standards-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). SAP NetWeaver Application Server, Java EE 5 Edition is one of the first application servers in the market to achieve Java EE 5 compatibility.

Test this Web service comprehensively by loading it into SOAPSonar.
With SOAPSonar, you can test a published Web service across four areas of testing: Functional Regression, Performance, Interoperability, and Vulnerability Assessment.

Main frame Testing:
The mainframe is usually back-end.
It is similar to client-service applications testing, but you have to know how to operate basic TSO and ISPF commands and menus, view mainframe files, look at and use SDSF or other output tool, log on CICS and transactions, use FTP or another transfer protocol, submit the batch job - it's for QA testing of mainframe applications.

Performance testing for mainframe applications--
One can use RTE protocol in Load runner for connection. Record the scenario that u need to test. Don't use the mouse clicks while recording as it doesn't record them. But one needs to have many mainframe ID's as much one intends to simulate. Rest of the steps are similar to non-mainframe
procedures. One gets the response time & other parameters from the SMF dump.

Blackbox testing of mainframe programs are fairly straightforward.
Functionl testing can be performed using Mainframe environment
COBOL depends on the environment, i.e. banking, government, and some telecom providers. TPF is used in airlines, credit card companies, and transportation in general.

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SAP Testing is same as manual testing but here the applications are SAP R/3 and Enterprise portal.

Whenever there is change in R/3 and Portal and You need to design test cases according the change request and test the application. 

If you have knowledge  of module (like HR, CRM, SD, SRM), which you are going to test would be helpful to you. 

During the entire life cycle of a SAP solution, like mainframe modernization it is necessary to test the functions and performance of your solution


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