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Please give me correct explanation

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Though I am not quite sure but I think that the Software quality gap should be the difference in the number of defects found in system testing and found by the users.
Kamalnath is right , It is difference between no. of defect found in system testing by a tester and no of defect found by users.that's called Software Quality Gap.

Thanks !!!
This is basically called Defect Leakage from System testing which is calculated as the formula told by other 2 people here.
Software Quality Gap is a broader view. It depends on in what perspective you view.
The explanations given here are correct so far as they are viewed in Tester's perspective.
If you view, say, from the point of view of Project Software Quality the gap has a different meaning.
Similarly, if you think from the angle of ISO:9000, the meaning will differ again.
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The Software Quality Gap is Similar to Gap Analysis, done in SDLC.
Gap Analysis
This is essentially a short, 2-3 day evaluation where we assess testing strengths and weakness. Then we’ll recommend training and mentoring steps designed to close any gaps that we find. Often we’ll do this as a lead-in to your making adjustments in your team composition & staffing strategy.


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