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what are the different types of testing domains? Explain about each? What is AMDOCS testing?

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Different Types of Testing domains:
a. Banking
b. Financial
c. Health Care
d. ERP

I am curious to learn about AMDOCS Testing? Any body answer please
Hi Samee!
I have requested you to create this discussion after you are having a discussion with your friends and taking correct wording about small and capital letters.

Since you have created my comment with word - Amdoc - is as under:
Kenan Systems Corporation released Upgrade of Internet-Focused Product; Amdocs in Beta-Testing. Amdocs seems to share Kenan's view of growth in the Internet billing solution market.
Amdocs' Customer Care & Billing/ Internet Services product (CC&B/ Internet Services) is an Internet-specific service package that is layered over the company's existing wireless support products. Written entirely in Java for flexibility, the product offers such services as customer-initiated past-due payment with a preregistered credit card and the ability to check when payments were credited to accounts.
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