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messages of dialog box is also tested what? if so then which testing it is called as ??????

hurry up guys ........need answer asap..........

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yeah we can test the Message Handling,its a sort of white box testing.........where we perform internal functional of the sytem which handles the msg when particular error generated ,

for eg: in coding we use try and catch blocks to handle msgs.
ya its ok but i want which testing is that ? for unhandled messages? i unable to recall that testing term.. ? i want specific testing term used ?
Exception handling testing testing i think,correct me if i am wrong
Exeception handling is a mechanism to recover from unexpected events, errors and application crashes.

For example: It may be a dialog box, or message box which occur at run time.

In Winruner:
a. Popup exception
b. Object/window exception
c. TSL exception

Recovery scenario manager provides a wizard that guides you through the defining recovery scenario. Recovery scenario has three steps
a. Triggered Events
b. Recovery steps
c. Post Recovery Test-Run

4 types of exceptions are there in QTP:
a. Pop up
b. Object state
c. Test run error
d. Application crash

According to this question, By using popup exception we can handle dialogbox messages.

There are two type of dialog boxes are there, i.e. Modal and Modalless dialog boxes.


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