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While doing testing, have you faced any critical situation. Please share your experience.

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The most difficult part is to be able to think clearly. Working for 8 long hours is a tiresome work and the brain needs to be able to cope up and think properly. If you cant think properly, you can never be able to decide how to test and what to test.

Then comes trying to explain why the issue found needs to be fixed.


Milin Patel


I got real challenging when the application functionality was changing and the scripts had to me modified 2-3 times a day and another difficulty is when i get more bugs in a single web page.

Performance Testing is the toughest part in Testing.  

1) Preparing the Environment

2) Doing the task.  This is easier.  But when we get ugly results, we need to start from scratch.  We need to have a look on all aspects.  

Couldn't understand your comment. Would you please elaborate?

Learning by an individual is the DIFFICULT CHALLENGING part in TESTING :-) It applies to any industry.

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