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While doing testing, have you faced any critical situation. Please share your experience.

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Just a brief answer right now:
!. Seeking bugs totally
2. Convincing the developer about his / her bug for acceptance
3. Testing Analysis
4. keeping healthy relations with a team

_______ JAY ________
Hi Kiran..
I think Integration Testing level is quite difficult for testers than other levels because in this level tester has to depend on developers.

-S Sarita.
Hi Kiran

While testing a web application the most difficult part of testing is performance testing and Security testing since the website will be access by many performance level comes in to picture.

Coming to security it should not allow to hack . Integartion testing is also the difficult part of testing.

I feel Integration Testing is more difficult in whole testing process. Please correct me
Hi Gowtham!
In replying the question you have placed a nice effort but if you view the question in a broad sense you will find that you have taken a sectional view of the question because TESTING is not limited to Internet -based application only.
_________JAY _______
I think Integration testing
It is Integration Testing
I think Integration Testing, Please correct me
Scenario Base Testing i think so ... Tester should try permeation and combination mtd … tester should try to find a bug in critical Functionalities … for that tester should have broad mind… let me know about other taught ... Thanks!
Integration Testing

Integration Testing it is..

Roles based testing level is quite difficult for testers i think so .....


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