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Walk through is an informal meeting for evaluation. No preparation is required.

Inspection is a methog that deserves careful consideration by an organizatin concerned with the quality of the product. It is conducted by quality control members.

Give me good information about these two.

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Hi Sridevi,

First get some standard Definitions:

Walkthrough: It is a step-by-step presentation by the author of a document in order to gather information and to establish a common understanding of its content.

It is review of a software work product by colleagues of the producer of the product for the purpose of identifying defects and improvements.

Inspection: It is a type of peer review that relies on visual examination of documents to detect defects, e.g. violations of development standards and non-conformance to higher level documentation. The most formal review technique and therefore always based on a documented procedure. Its purpose is to the identifying defects and improvements.

But I always believe in remembering anything in my own language. And everyone should do in the same way. If you will try to remember these definitions, you may not understand properly also you may forget soon.

Get my answer for the Difference below. This will be easy for you to understand terms also :

Walkthrough :-

1.) It's a type of Semi Formal Review.
2.) 2 to 7 People ate attaining it.
3.) Author is Presenter.
4.) Lead by Author only.
5.) Reviewers are not aware of the subject/topic.
6.) Other people are Inspectors or Reviewers.

Inspection :-

1.) It's totally a Formal Review.
2.) 2 to 10 or more People attaining it.
3.) Author is not presenter. Some one else is giving presentation.
4.) Lead by Moderator.
5.) Reviewers are aware & well prepared for the subject/topic.
6.) Other people are Inspectors or Reviewers.
7.) Minute Taker is writing MOM.
8.) Recorder is noting down everything. Like defects, changes, improvements etc.
9.) Moderator's responsibility is to make sure that meeting is successful.

I will suggest everyone to remember Walkthrough & Inspection point wise as I mentioned above.

Please feel free to ask me any doubts regarding Software Testing & ISTQB Certification anytime.

Thanks & Regards,

Kapil Samadhiya
Hi Kapil,
This is chaitanya. I am looking for a job. can u tel me what is Impact analysis, Risk Analysis and Project estimations

Hello sir,

    I am Kiran from noida and i am searching job in software testing field your points about inspection and walkthrough solve many doubt.Please give me knowledge about testing methodology and agile testing and SPEG.


 Thanks and Regards

  Kiran Pal


   In Walkthrough who is Author? (PM or TL or Module Lead of that Project)?

   In Inspection who is Author and who is Moderator?

Pls answer me.


Thanks in Advance,



very informative answer....

Hi Sridevi!
Sure I will submit good information onthese topic.
______ JAY ___________
Walkthrough is a Informal meeting. The motto of meeting is defined, but the members will come without any preparation. The author describes the work product in an informal meeting to his peers or superiors to get feedback or inform or explain to their work product.where as,

An inspection is formalized than a ‘ walkthrough ‘ – typical with group of people including a moderator, mediator, reader & a recorder to take notes. The subjects of the inspection is typically a document such a requirements specifications, or a test plan & two purpose is to find problems and see what is missing, not to fix anything. The primary purpose of inspection is to detect defects of different stages during a project.
Review is "A process or meeting during which artifacts of software product are examined by project stockholders, user representatives, or other interested parties for feedback or approval”. Software Review can be on Technical specifications, designs, source code, user documentation, support and maintenance documentation, test plans, test specifications, standards, and any other type of specific to work product, it can be conducted at any stage of the software development life cycle.
Purpose of conducting review is to minimize the defect ratio as early as possible in Software Development life cycle. As a general principle, the earlier a document is reviewed, the greater will be the impact of its defects on any downstream activities and their work products. Magnitude cost of defect fixing after the release of the product is around 60-100x. Review can be formal or informal. Informal reviews are referred as walkthrough and formal as Inspection.

Walkthrough: Method of conducting informal group/individual review is called walkthrough, in which a designer or programmer leads members of the development team and other interested parties through a software product, and the participants ask questions and make comments about possible errors, violation of development standards, and other problems or may suggest improvement on the article, walkthrough can be pre planned or can be conducted at need basis and generally people working on the work product are involved in the walkthrough process.
The Purpose of walkthrough is to:
· Find problems
· Discuss alternative solutions
· Focusing on demonstrating how work product meets all requirements.IEEE 1028 recommends
three specialist roles in a walkthrough:

Leader: who conducts the walkthrough, handles administrative tasks, and ensures orderly conduct (and who is often the Author)
Recorder: who notes all anomalies (potential defects), decisions, and action items identified during the walkthrough meeting, normally generate minutes of meeting at the end of walkthrough session.
Author: who presents the software product in step-by-step manner at the walk-through meeting, and is probably responsible for completing most action items.
Walkthrough Process: Author describes the artifact to be reviewed to reviewers during the meeting. Reviewers present comments, possible defects, and improvement suggestions to the author. Recorder records all defect, suggestion during walkthrough meeting. Based on reviewer comments, author performs any necessary rework of the work product if required. Recorder prepares minutes of meeting and sends the relevant stakeholders and leader is normally to monitor overall walkthrough meeting activities as per the defined company process or responsibilities for conducting the reviews, generally performs monitoring activities, commitment against action items etc.
Inspection: An inspection is a formal, rigorous, in-depth group review designed to identify problems as close to their point of origin as possible., Inspection is a recognized industry best practice to improve the quality of a product and to improve productivity, Inspections is a formal review and generally need is predefined at the start of the product planning, The objectives of the inspection process are to
· Find problems at the earliest possible point in the software development process
· Verify that the work product meets its requirement
· Ensure that work product has been presented according to predefined standards
· Provide data on product quality and process effectiveness
· Inspection advantages are to build technical knowledge and skill among team members by reviewing the output of other people
· Increase the effectiveness of software testing.
IEEE 1028 recommends three following roles in an Inspection:

Inspector Leader: The inspection leader shall be responsible for administrative tasks pertaining to the inspection, shall be responsible for planning and preparation, shall ensure that the inspection is conducted in an orderly manner and meets its objectives, should be responsible for collecting inspection data

Recorder: The recorder should record inspection data required for process analysis. The inspection leader may be the recorder.

Reader: The reader shall lead the inspection team through the software product in a comprehensive and logical fashion, interpreting sections of the work product and highlighting important aspects

Author: The author shall be responsible for the software product meeting its inspection entry criteria, for contributing to the inspection based on special understanding of the software product, and for performing any rework required to make the software product meet its inspection exit criteria.

Inspector: Inspectors shall identify and describe anomalies in the software product. Inspectors shall be chosen to represent different viewpoints at the meeting (for example, sponsor, requirements, design, code, safety, test, independent test, project management, quality management, and hardware engineering). Only those viewpoints pertinent to the inspection of the product should be present. Some inspectors should be assigned specific review topics to ensure effective coverage. For example, one inspector may focus on conformance with a specific standard or standards, another on syntax, and another for overall coherence. These roles should be assigned by the inspection leader when planning the inspection.
All participants in the review are inspectors. The author shall not act as inspection leader and should not act as reader or recorder. Other roles may be shared among the team members. Individual participants may act in more than one role. Individuals holding management positions over any member of the inspection team shall not participate in the inspection

Inspection Process: Following are review phases:
· Planning
· Overview
· Preparation
· Examination meeting

· Inspection Leader perform following task in planning phase
· Determine which work products need to be inspected
· Determine if a work product that needs to be inspected is ready to be inspected
· Identify the inspection team
· Determine if an overview meeting is needed.

The moderator ensures that all inspection team members have had inspection process training. The moderator obtains a commitment from each team member to participate. This commitment means the person agrees to spend the time required to perform his or her assigned role on the team. Identify the review materials required for the inspection, and distribute materials to relevant stake holders

Overview: Purpose of the overview meeting is to educate inspectors; meeting is lead by Inspector lead and is presented by author, overview is presented for the inspection, this meeting normally acts as optional meeting, purpose to sync the entire participant and the area to be inspected.
Preparation: Objective of the preparation phase is to prepare for the inspection meeting by critically reviewing the review materials and the work product, participant drill down on the document distributed by the lead inspector and identify the defect before the meeting
Examination meeting: The objective of the inspection meeting is to identify final defect list in the work product being inspected, based on the initial list of defects prepared by the inspectors [identified at preparation phase and the new one found during the inspection meeting. The Lead Auditor opens the meeting and describes the review objectives and area to be inspected. Identify that all participants are well familiar with the content material, Reader reads the meeting material and inspector finds out any inconsistence, possible defects, and improvement suggestions to the author. Recorder records all the discussion during the inspection meeting, and mark actions against the relevant stake holders. Lead Inspector may take decision that if there is need of follow up meeting. Author updates the relevant document if required on the basis of the inspection meeting discussion

Rework and Follow-up: Objective is to ensure that corrective action has been taken to correct problems found during an inspection.
Very nice explanation guys, i am also sharing my thoughts on Walkthrough & Inspection.

Walk through is informal meetings for infromational puropose with little or no preparation is needed.

Inspection is more formal meeting than walkthrough with 3-8 people which includes moderator, reader, recoder etc. Documents like FRS, SRS, Test plan are discussed here. Main aim of this meeting is just to find wat is missing not to fix anythings

Nice one....

Hi.. nice explanation.. thanks for providing us ths good information about Walkthrough and Inspection. 


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