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How will you decide defect severity and priority?

Please any one explain with example

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severity: how it is impact on the application and how is it effecting the functionality priority: how it is impotence on the application and how early it should be fix. severity decided by the functionality and priority decided by the client.

Severity: What is the impact or effect of the bug over the business of customer is called severity..

Priority:How fast the bug is to be fixed..there are different levels High,Medium,Low
severity: Series ness of the defect in terms of functionality.
Priority: Importance of the defect in terms of customer.
severity is driven by technicality of the issue

whereas priority is driven by business......
Severity is decided by the User requirement, Priority is decided by the time guide
lines to accomplish the task.

severity is nothing but seriousness of the bug,depending on the functionality we give the severity.
we give the priority to the bug depending upon the customer requirement.
severity is effect of bug on application .it cllasified into H,M,L range and priority is sequence of bug that should follow by developer when he will fixing bug
how will u perform performance testing by using tools? give example
“Priority” is associated with scheduling, and “severity” is associated with standards.
“Priority” means something is afforded or deserves prior attention; precedence
established by order of importance (or urgency).

“Severity” is the state or quality of being severe; severe implies adherence to rigorous standards or high principles and often suggests harshness; severe is marked by or requires strict adherence to rigorous standards or high principles, e.g. a severe code of behavior. The words
priority and severity do come up in bug tracking.

A variety of commercial, problem tracking/management software tools are available. These tools, with the detailed input of software test engineers, give the team complete information so developers can understand the bug, get an idea of its ’severity’, reproduce it and fix it. The fixes are based on project ‘priorities’ and ’severity’ of bugs.

The ’severity’ of a problem is defined in accordance to the customer’s risk assessment and recorded in their selected tracking tool. Buggy software can ’severely’ affect schedules, which, in turn can lead to a reassessment and renegotiation of ‘priorities’.
Seviority : The level of Impact the bug on particular user.

Priority : The Importance that the Developer places on fixing particular bug.
Hi Pinky,

Get some very easy description of Severity & Priority :

Severity : Impact of Bug/Defect/Issue on the Application/Software.
Priority : Importance of Bug/Defect/Issue to fix before release.

Severity decided by checking that how much Bug is impacting the functionality of the system.
Priority decided by checking the Importance of Bug. Which may not be a Bug, but it may have high priority b'coz that need to be fixed before release.

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