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I want to know more information about Integration and System. Because these two are more crucial for testers. Please share your thoughts.

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Integration testing is testing one or more modules integrated.....
System testing is final functional testing...it is the final stage of the testing....

let me know am correct or wrong?
Hi Raquel,

Integration & System are very different then each other.

Integration is a Low Level Testing (W.B.T.) where as
System Testing is a High Level Testing (B.B.T.)

We performing Integration Testing after Unit Testing. Means we are integrating the Units or Modules with each other and then testing the intercommunication of Modules.

Till this time the application never gets ready.. we are checking in codes only.

Where as System Testing is performed on the Application/Software after its completion. There are lots of types in System Testing.

If you want I will describe that also in detail.

I hope I have cleared your doubt. If you still have doubt then let me know, I will explain you more.

Please feel free to ask any doubts regarding Software Testing & ISTQB.


Kapil Samadhiya

Check this document for more information on System Testing :


TTWT Magazine





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