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What is Regression Testing Strategy?

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Regression Testing:

Regression testing is any type of software testing which seeks to uncover software regressions. Such regressions occur whenever software functionality that was previously working correctly stops working as intended. Typically regressions occur as an unintended consequence of program changes.

Any time you modify an implementation within a program, you should also do regression testing. You can do so by rerunning existing tests against the modified code to determine whether the changes break anything that worked prior to the change and by writing new tests where necessary. Adequate coverage without wasting time should be a primary consideration when conducting regression tests. Try to spend as little time as possible doing regression testing without reducing the probability that you will detect new failures in old, already tested code.

Some strategies and factors to consider during this process include the following:

1. Test fixed bugs promptly. The programmer might have handled the symptoms but not have gotten to the underlying cause.

2. Watch for side effects of fixes. The bug itself might be fixed but the fix might create other bugs.

3. Write a regression test for each bug fixed.

4. If two or more tests are similar, determine which is less effective and get rid of it.

5. Identify tests that the program consistently passes and archive them.

6. Focus on functional issues, not those related to design.

7. Make changes (small and large) to data and find any resulting corruption.

8. Trace the effects of the changes on program memory.
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Regression testing is the most important part of the software or QA testing process, Every software tester and software developer should use these steps to verify the application functionality works as perfectly without changing any code.

According to Testrig Technologies, Top Regression Testing Company, There are various types of Regression Testing such as,

  • Unit regression testing
  • Corrective Regression testing
  • Selective regression testing
  • Reset all test case
  • Progressive regression testing
  • Complete Regression testing
  • Partial regression testing

For more details, You can check here: What are the Different Types of Regression Testing?

Regression testing is an integral part of releasing product into the market with extreme surety and confidence level that everything will be working fine after the release. It makes sure that new features/fixes/patches/versions will not be impacting the functionality of already existing product features.

To make sure that everything is working as per functionality, a regression suite containing already existing test scenarios is allowed to run to validate the working of already existing code after the introduction of new code in the project which helps in checking that whether already existing features of the application are completely compatible with the newly added/modified features.

Finally, as per best practices from qa testing services, we can say that this type of testing plays a major role in the launch of quality product in the market.


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