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I wanted to know History of automation testing. Please answer my question.

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Hello buddy,

Software testing is a significant process and everybody looks like agree on that. Where people disagree is the timing and depth of the initiative.

The company has long moved from a stage when testing was considered a post-development, maintenance activity.

Main attributes of test automation

  • Usability

We regularly interleaved the development and testing process. Both the development and the testing process tend to merge, bringing both new advantages and new challenges.

The obvious advantage is fast feedback. We have to identify an error as quickly as possible.


Automated Testing Services


As per the common perspective of Software testers, there are different types of Test Automation attributes such as usability, reliability, portability, etc.  But As a part of Top Automation Testing company in the USA, I would like to suggest you some of the best lists of Test Automation attributes such as;

  • Communication
  • Portability
  • Reporting
  • Test data
  • Integration

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Hello Kiran

As per software testing services here are the main attributes of test automation:

Reliability: The automation test framework should be reliable like other softwares. tHE framework should be built in way to avoid any crashing or throwing unhandled exceptions. Also think about network delays, unavailable environments, and lost database connections, and ensure that the test framework should handle these cases.

Simplicity: The tests inside test framework should have a single objective instead of Multi-objective as multi test cases are difficult to understand and design.

Usability: The test framework should be easy to use by anyone, starting from installation and ending with user-friendly test reports.

Communication: All the changes in the test framework should be clearly communicated or documented. Ensure to add release notes.

Portability: All team members might use different Operating Systems, and all of them should be able to run tests on their machines, in the cloud, and in the build pipeline.

Reporting: Reports are one of the most essential part of a test frameworks. Reports should be easily readable, informative, without any vague info and complete clear information about test failures.

Integration: It should be easy and fast to integrate the test automation framework with other tools. Think about build/deploy pipelines, APIs, and a convenient command-line interface.

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