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I want to know different types of Bug tracking tools. I am using Bugzilla and U!!!

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I am also using Bugzilla
can anybody explain me about Bugzilla tool, now i am testing the web based .net application can i use Bugzilla Tool and what are the system requirements to install this tool plz explain me asap
our company using Bug tracker version 2.0
I am using JIRA now .. but previously i was using Test Director (QC)
Hi Sridevi,

In my previous company, we were using JIRA (Its a Open Source Tool)

In my current company, our client have their own tool by name "Change Synergy"

Bugzilla is a another popular & open source tool.

Most of the big companies and US Clients are always prefer to use QC (Quality Center) tool. Its more reliable then other tools.

Please feel free to ask any doubts regarding Software Testing & ISTQB.


Kapil Samadhiya
Hi Kapil

pls provide the path to download JIRA and provide ISTQB question dumb if u have.

Hi kapil,
Is jira can be used for dotnet projects ?
is it open source?
pls confirm me

can u post some useful docs regrading

1)Manual & Test Automation testing process,

2)Most common defects found in web appliactions

3)quality center docs 

4)How the testers will recieve the build from development?

5)How the testers will recieve the build from development if developers are from another company?

6)How much % we should know about VBScripting? provide me any material on Vbscript which were used in real time scripts..

7)Provide me some scripts for practice?

Thankx in advance 

mail me asap


Hi, we are using Issue Manager
Hi Sridevi!
Apart fom our honorable members have submitted the Bug Tracking Tools following can be added:

There are various Bug Tracking tools such as-CleverTrack ,eTraxis, Bugzero, "BUGS - the Bug Genie", Buggy , Bug-A-Boo, AccuRev SCM, RS Project Manager , Woodpecker, PureCM and others too.

______ JAY _____


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