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1. What is the difference between Master Test Plan and Test Plan? Do we really require two Test Plans?

Do we require both the Test Plan? Please explain...

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They are not both, same maintained in 2 different documents.

Master Test Plan: Is the overall or final test plan as part of deliverable

Test Plan: Is the immediate plan for thing sin specific. Regression Plan, system test plan or Integration plan.

Once the Test plan is complete, will be incorporated in Master Test Plan.

* It's unto you to maintain many or only 1.

Okhey.Thank you Sidiq...

Rakesh ...
As per my knowledge, Mater Test Plan speaks about whole project related test activities and plans
where as a test plan would be for a specific release of the project. and this should reflect in master test plan.
Ex: if you planned to relase a project in 4 phases then the Master test plan should have 4 phases related plans. and each phase test plan will be seperate.


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