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Test Automation is Made for Agile Development

It’s no secret that many software development teams now favor the agile methodology as compared to the traditional waterfall methodology. Agile, being more adaptive, makes product development more efficient by breaking down the development process into smaller, iterative cycles or sprints. In order to follow this approach, it becomes essential to test often and test fast and keep the focus on continuously improving the product from iteration to iteration. Considering that there are new…


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The Essential Components of a Successful Test Automation Strategy

“Strategy without process is little more than a wish list” – Robert Filek

Testing has become a great enabler in this age with business environments becoming increasingly competitive. Neglecting testing due to time or resource constraints results in poor quality products, client dissatisfaction and increased development costs.…


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Is test automation a task for developers or testers

With the rise of new software development methodologies, such as agile development and DevOps, we are witnessing a continuous crossover of activities. No longer are functions such as testing carried out in isolation. Software development has become a collaborative process where the tester and the developer have to work in tandem to create products that, can not only be delivered in time but that also function flawlessly. With shortening development cycles, test automation has emerged as the…


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Characteristics of a Smart Software Tester

Well, today there is a lot of buzz into software testers who are rigorously working to improve their testing skills and expertise. But, I would also like to bring this thing into the limelight that there are no specific guidelines to become a great software tester, but there are definitely some qualities that can definitely help you test better and with perfection. Well, going further with this idea, I would like to summarize some of the traits that can help you become a GREAT Software…


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5 benefits of end-to-end testing

For Test Automation Services to be successful, you need an expert service provider who will ensure end-to-end testing so that when the application is launched it does not have any bugs and runs successfully. To understand more about this, you need to know what end-to-end testing is all about:

End-to-end testing is a process to check whether the application is working from beginning to end in the right manner or not. The main purpose of end-to-end testing is to search the dependencies…


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Predictive Analytics in Software Testing help Reduce Operational Risks and Make Proactive Decisions

Many companies today face sudden increase in costs, production delays and operational risks. Predictive analytics is a data driven technology which can be leveraged to predict failure points in testing activities and determine the future. It has the power to help optimize project data and make proactive decisions. This whitepaper will introduce the concept of Predictive analytics in Software Testing as a technique which could help businesses in identifying the issues at the earliest to make…


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Importance of Testing Application for Compatibility Issues

With the constant increase in the demand for quality Operating Systems and versions, companies frequently release enhanced Operating Systems and versions. The platforms with new features and improved performance always attract customers. Since most of the customers are already using mobile, the customers would want to access the preferred application in a specific platform. In order to offer a fully compatible application that fits with different platforms, compatibility testing is…


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How do I contain my testing costs? TaaS comes to the rescue!

In today’s world, most of the development strategies are inclined towards mobile revolution. Considering the complexities involved around mobile testing, setting up device libraries, testing across multiple platforms and devices in addition to regular web: spots testing expenditure beginning to spiral out of control.…


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What makes TaaS click? What are the key ingredients for successful TaaS?

We are all well aware of how testing has evolved over the years and different engagement model which have evolved around it. The final stage of evolution cycle of testing has manifested as Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS)!…


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“Outcome Based Testing and Pricing” using Taas

Testing services have evolved through a life cycle of different engagement models, as described below.

  • Testing was being done by the development team in the form of unit testing, Integration testing and System Testing.
  • Later a dedicated team was formed within the Organization that was responsible for the testing activities.
  • This further moved to a model of Independent Verification and Validation services (I V & V), where the testing team was an independent…

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On-demand Regression testing using TaaS

In today’s world of constant change, software applications are undergoing change frequently. For an enterprise to undergo complete cycle of testing requires multiple phases of testing(such as unit Testing, System Testing, System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Performance &Volume Testing, Fail over & Recovery Testing and last but not the least Security & Penetration Testing).



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Why Mobile Apps need to be tested?

Compared to other testing Mobile application testing is more challenging in many ways as in, the demand of devices with new technology and rush towards introducing new app had made mobile applications very popular in the market in very less time and bringing the app in the market with zero defects is another biggest challenge for the mobile app providers.  

It is understandable that developers who develop mobile applications after spending huge amount of effort and time will always…


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Java Tutorials For Selenium-2.0

Data types in Java :

There are 8 different data types in java like : byte, short, int, long, float, double, char, boolean.

int datatype : int data type is useful to store 32 bit integer (Example : 4523) values only. We can not store decimal (Example 452.23) values in int data type.

Example : 

int i = 4523;


long datatype…

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Mobile Web Best Practices

Mobile Web Best Practices are given below.

[as defined by W3C Mobile Web Initiative]


•           [THEMATIC_CONSISTENCY] Ensure that content provided by accessing a URI yields a thematically coherent experience when accessed from different devices.

•           [CAPABILITIES] Exploit device capabilities to provide an enhanced user experience.

•           [DEFICIENCIES] Take reasonable steps to work around deficient implementations.

•          …


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Software Quality – The Definition

Definition of Software Quality


I have read and heard about many different definitions of “Software Quality” so far. Though very likable term but not easily achievable one! Interestingly, everyone in IT industry wants to attain it for his/her project/task/work.


Let’s look at few popular definitions of “Software Quality”.


As per Wikipedia-

In the context of software engineering, software…


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Usability Testing

Usability Testing


Web usability is an approach to make web sites easy to use for an end-user without requiring him (or her) to undergo any specialized training. The user should be able to intuitively relate the actions they need to perform on the web page with other interactions they encounter in the general domain of life (e.g., pressing a button leads to a resulting action). The broad goal of usability is as follows:

  • Present the information to…

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User Acceptance Testing- The Objective

User Acceptance Testing- The Objective


What is the purpose of acceptance testing? Can we use the same test cases of system testing for acceptance testing?

As with most questions folks ask about items related to software testing, the answer starts with “It depends…” In this case, it depends on what the client or team means when they refer to acceptance testing (and possibly how the team defines and implements test…


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HeartBleed Security Issue- A Bug with OpenSSL

HeartBleed Security Issue- A Bug with OpenSSL


The OpenSSL Project is a volunteer driven collaborative project to develop a “ a robust, commercial-grade, full-featured, and Open Source toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) protocols as well as a full-strength general purpose cryptography library managed by a worldwide community”. The Project announced that a very serious security issue that…


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Basic Concepts of Severity and Priority

Basic Concepts of Severity and Priority


The most often used terms but less understood by many of QA team members/developers are “Severity” and “Priority”.


  • Severity: The impact of the defect

 1. Blocker- The issue which blocks the flow or function of the application. The issue which blocks the further testing. No workaround is…


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Selenium IDE- Useful Commands

Selenium IDE- Useful Commands


  • Open  

Opens an URL in the test window. This accepts both relative and absolute URLs. The “open” command waits for the page to load before proceeding, ie. the “AndWait” suffix is implicit.


Note: The URL must be on the same domain as the runner HTML due to security restrictions in the browser (Same Origin Policy). If you need…


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