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Anand Singh replied to Mahi De Souza's discussion How to handle Security Certificate in Google Chrome Browser?
"Hi Mahi,You haven't mentioned the platform/language you are using. I assume you are working with selenium which is being widely used by many software testing companies and here is the code of the same: package com.example;import…"
Anand Singh replied to Roberto Ferreiro Martín's discussion Automation tool with good exception handling?
"Hi There, Before moving to Automation testing using any tool, make sure you have sound knowledge and hands-on exposure of any one of the programming language like Java, C++ or python now days. One of the popular open source Automation tool with good…"
Apr 14
Anand Singh replied to Mohan Raj's discussion How to create Testing Metrics for daily and monthly data ?
"Hi Mohan, While offering the software testing services to any client you can setup and share folloiwng qa matrics: Daily: If you get weekly plan in advance then in Daily basis you can mention High Level (Use Xls or graph) 1. Total Tickets in…"
Apr 5
Anand Singh replied to Nandini's discussion Difference between platform and application
"Hi ALL,An application refers to a special kind of software program that is developed for use on smart phone or mobile device where as platform is a fully functional website like Facebook,twitter etcApps do not offer you the full use and…"
Mar 31
Anand Singh replied to Krutika's discussion can anyone explain what is meant by Agile module and how it work in Software Testing?
"Agile model is a type of incremental model in which a Software is developed in incremental, rapid cycles. This results in small incremental releases with each release building on previous functionality.Each release is thoroughly…"
Mar 24
Anand Singh replied to Chunmun's discussion What is risk-based testing?
"First of all, let's understand what is Risk in software testing. 'Risk' is a problem which has the probability to occur and when it occurs; causes the Loss. So, Risk management must be part of testing process and start during early…"
Mar 10
Anand Singh replied to Quality Testing's discussion How to configure Jasmine Protractor Reporter ?
"Hi All,Below is the Automated testing code for configuring jasmine html report with the protractor Please provide the code in your conf.js file:var Jasmine2HtmlReporter = require('protractor-jasmine2-html-reporter');exports.config =…"
Feb 13
Anand Singh replied to Quality Testing's discussion Security Test Cases for a Login Page
"Hi, Following security testcases must be executed to test login page during manual testing: 1. Nobody should be able to login with invalid Username/password 2. Password should always be encrypted 3. There should be a minimum length (say 8…"
Feb 10
Anand Singh replied to Chunmun's discussion what is equivalence partitioning ?
"Hi, Equivalence partitioning is a technique used in software testing which aims to reduce the number of test cases and choose the right test cases. This is achieved by identifying the “groups” of inputs in such a way that each input…"
Feb 8
Anand Singh replied to Akbar Basha's discussion Pls tell me what is web service and how, where any why we use this in testing.
"HI Web services or API are messaging system which allows to communicate b/w 02 systems of different types. Web service is not tied to any one operating system or programming language thus provide platform independence. Webservices are mainly of 02…"
Feb 3
Anand Singh replied to Prashanth Guvvadi's discussion Failed to launch iOS app in appium tool
"Hi to resolve iOS native Automated testing issue below are the steps to launch the app through appium1 First of all you need to build the native app code through XCODE2.Once it will be build sucesfully through Xcode an .app file will be stored in…"
Jan 20
Anand Singh replied to Kyle Flores's discussion What is Defect Seeding?
"Defect Seeding is implanting the defect intentionally in the code to test the unit test case or specific condition or exception handling.Different purposes of defect seeding:- To verify how the application is responding when the respective error…"
Jan 13
Anand Singh replied to Chunmun's discussion How many types of software testing . ??
"Hi, Following are the most common and widely used types of Software testing: -Functional Testing - Performance Testing - Database testing - Security testing Functional testing further divided into following common types: - Api Testing - Web…"
Jan 2
Anand Singh replied to Quality Testing's discussion what are the real time emulators for testing Android app ?
"An emulator is both software or hardware that duplicates every aspect of the original device behavior thus taking the place of the real mobile device. It basically simulates the real devices thus allowing the app to run on it while conducting…"
Dec 29, 2016
Anand Singh replied to Madhuri's discussion Can any one explain how we can switch to frames, ?
"Hi All,Below website automated testing code help in managing the frames: public void switchToFrame(int frame) { try { driver.switchTo().frame(frame); System.out.println("Navigated to frame with id " + frame); } catch…"
Dec 27, 2016
Anand Singh replied to Kyle Flores's discussion What is a Defect Severity? What are the negative effects ?
"Hi Kyle, In manual testing, Defect severity is the measure of impact a defect has on the development or operation of a component application being tested. For e.g. EmailID verification email not sent after successful registration is a high severity…"
Dec 23, 2016

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