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TestersDesk.com - The One-source Online Toolkit for Software Test Design and Test Data Generation.

The Free Online Community Edition provides:
- Software Functionality Test Design tools
- Test Data Generation tools
- and a few other miscellaneous tools

Benefits to testers:
Test Case Optimization – The number of test cases can be reduced using Pairwise TestCase Generator and T-way TestCase Generator.
Test Case Visualiztion – See the combinations for a decision table using N-way TestCase Generator, possible orders using Permutations Generator and select subsets of test items using Subset TestCase Generator.
Real-like Test Data Generation – Generate real person names, luhn numbers for credit cards, valid email ids etc.
File Generation – Generate files based on a template or based on size/type requirements.
System Information Collection – Scripts to collect information from the Test Machine like the list of running processes, installed hardware/software etc.

Product Facts and Information:
- Rich internet application accessible through free registrations
- More than 10,000 testers use it world-wide
- Won “Best Innovation of the Year” award from HYSEA (certified by Ernst and Young), “Testing Thought Leadership” award, and is among the “Top 30” Indian Hottest Startups (chosen by TATA NEN)
- Current version is 1.0 and version 2.0 planned for release later this year, which will continue to be accessilbe for free to the testing community

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