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Interview of Satish Jawale | Co-Founder | CEO | Auctus Software Pvt. Ltd.

1. Can you tell us more about yourself?
I’m an analytical consciousness with a heart. Cosmopolitan is what defines me best. Love to be in with team, talkative and very strict. I’m currently co-founder and CEO of Auctus Software Pvt. Ltd., served Managing Director of eWay Software (P) Ltd. Professionally I have worked mostly in Mumbai for US, UK and German clients for 8 years.

People I admire: Arya Chankya -Cāakya was adviser to the first Mauryan emperor. Chandragupta, An architect of his rise to power.
Gautama Buddha - For His Infinite kindness even for little animals
Krishna - He who gave discourse of Bhagabad Gita (Coronet jewel of Hinduism) in the middle of war
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose - For his love for India, for everything he stood for all the martyr’s who gave their life so we could live a life of freedom

2. How did you get the idea to start an own company?
I had a dream to be businessman since my childhood, well, it wasn’t a witty an Idea, I organized people, good people whom I can trust and depend entirely. From different fields I believe my team. We decided and we started on by organized manner.

3. Tell us about your company and services doing?
Auctus Software Pvt. Ltd is in the Custom Software Development and Mobile based application development, till date we have developed the applications for Blackberry, Windows mobile and Java supported handhelds.

4. Do you have software testing services in your company? If yes, what is the testing life cycle your team using?
Well, we do not have full equipped testing team, we outsource the testing and we do the basic unit testing.

5. How does your day start and how does your day end? What all do you do in a day that corresponds to software testing?
Well days starts in early morning with alarm and the calendar, I follow Schedules I use Blackberry so I very much on it. With regards to the Testing I generally Ask for the results and Reports.

6. What is the future of software testing in correct economic crisis?
Well any software application is incomplete and incompetent without the testing, regardless with the economic condition, future is always bright.

7. What is Agile Testing? How it will be useful for a Software Tester?
It is too technical to ask me , Agile Testing has potentials.

8. How you find www.qualitytesting.info ? How much you will give rating from 1 to 10 (1 is least and 10 is highest)?
I am a hardcore networker, I always look for best things on the Internet, I searched it and found it, Well I Must rate 7 to www.qualitytesting.info, Cheers

9. Which one you like more on QT? Why?
I like the exposure and the information on the QT, it is but natural, people always like the simple and correct approach.

10. Any message to Quality Testing (QT) Members?
I would suggest that please network smartly and try to get most of the QT, it’s very very very useful resource on the knowledge jungle (Internet).

Dear Members,

We wish him all the best in his efforts to take Auctus Software Pvt. Ltd. to the world.

-QT Moderator


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