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Hi friends ,

May i know How to & what is server side testing ? that to web based application ....

thanks a lot for urs advance helping out ......

--Mahesh Dhule

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Server side testing means when you will click on submit button, that time request will go server side and response will be getting from server.
i.e for web application testing, if add any form values and click on submit button, the request will be given to server i.e the back end function will be done, so that value will be added to the db by means of query given.
So for server side testing, we can check whether the values have been added to the db and all
1. CGI script that resides on a web server and stores student names and results on that server in a comma-separated file.
2. Course authors set up student registration and test grading options in ReadyGo Web Course Builder.
3. Supports registration and result submitted by multiple students at once.
4. To support easy integration, we provide source code for the Server-Side Testing module.
5. Server-Side Testing is written in C.


Server side testing is carried out when data has to pass from 2 or more systems so as the server validates/stores/extracts/transforms/loads.

Simple example would be Gmail settings RESET,

* You have some default settings created during registration, now wish to update, server validates the current data(field level), Loads the existing data, if at all multiple systems are involved extracts them from other servers, transforms the data into DB acceptable format, finally commit the data into server.

Additionally to check the process validating the logs(XML Format) would help you.

al right guys here is a scenario , developing an iPhone app for home appliances, its server side will be on drupal what methods procedures will you people use to thoroughly test it & in less time, meaning how would you deploy your strategy to this scenario


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