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What is quality in software testing and what is the difference between quality control and quality assurance?

what is quality in software testing and what is the difference between quality control and quality assurance?...

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Quality is what we deliver to the client. A good quality can be defined as "fit for use". Means the product should be suitable for the intended purpose.

Quality control is focused on testing the application software by following some processes, methods, techniques where as quality assurance is something which define the processes and ensure that it is being followed and maintained throughout project.



In simple words we can say-

Quality Control     :  Whether the developed Software/Product is meeting the requirements or not 

Quality Assurance : Whether the Software/Product is developed based on company's process guide lines or not 

 Testing is the procedure of analyzing an activity or its component(s) with the purpose to find whether it meets the specified specifications or not. In simple terms, examining is performing a program in order to recognize any holes, mistakes,or losing specifications with respect to the real specifications.

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Hello buddy,

Hello buddy,

Quality Assurance Testing

  • It is a process which deliberates on giving assurance that quality request will be accomplished.
  • QA Describes standards and methodologies to followed in order to meet the consumer demands.
  • QA ensure you are doing the right things.
  • QA means Planning for doing a process.
  • All team members are responsible for QA.
  • QA does not include executing the program.

Quality Control

  • QC is a process which considers on fulfilling the quality request.
  • QC is the process to analyze that deliverable.
  • QC makes sure that the standards are followed while working on the product.=
  • QC always involves executing the program.


Quality Assurance Testing

What is Quality in Software Testing?

Quality is meeting the requirement, expectation, and needs of the customer being free from defects, lacks and substantial variants. There are standards needs to follow to satisfy the customer requirements.

Quality Assurance: A set of activities designed to ensure that the development and/or maintenance process is adequate to ensure a system will meet its objectives.

Quality Control: A set of activities designed to evaluate a developed work product.

Difference between quality assurance process and quality control

Many people think QA and QC are same and interchangeable but this is not true. Both are tightly linked and sometimes it is very difficult to identify the differences. Fact is both are related to each other but they are different in origins. QA and QC both are part of Quality Management however QA is focusing on preventing defect while QC is focusing on identifying the defect.


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