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What is Geo Location testing?

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In geo-location testing, you usually mock the geo-location to make sure that the user at that particular geo-location has the experience you are expecting.

The very simple example is, say your site is designed in such a way that, if the user visits from France, the user should see your site in French language and if the user visits from Russia, he/she should see your site in the Russian language.

So, your user experience changes based on his location.

There are many ways to achieve this.

1. Proxy: You can buy the proxy server in that geolocation and set your browser to use that proxy to execute your tests.

2. VPN: You can purchase a server in the geolocation of your choice and VPN into that to test the user experience. You can explore services like PureVPN.

3. Tweak your clock: If your site reads timezone and changes the behavior, it will be very easy for you. Just tweak your clock to change the time zone of that particular geolocation and you should see different site loaded.

Read more: https://softwaretestingboard.com/qna/2536/what-is-geo-location-test...


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