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What is Geo Location testing?

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In geo-location testing, you usually mock the geo-location to make sure that the user at that particular geo-location has the experience you are expecting.

The very simple example is, say your site is designed in such a way that, if the user visits from France, the user should see your site in French language and if the user visits from Russia, he/she should see your site in the Russian language.

So, your user experience changes based on his location.

There are many ways to achieve this.

1. Proxy: You can buy the proxy server in that geolocation and set your browser to use that proxy to execute your tests.

2. VPN: You can purchase a server in the geolocation of your choice and VPN into that to test the user experience. You can explore services like PureVPN.

3. Tweak your clock: If your site reads timezone and changes the behavior, it will be very easy for you. Just tweak your clock to change the time zone of that particular geolocation and you should see different site loaded.

Read more: https://softwaretestingboard.com/qna/2536/what-is-geo-location-test...

Geo-location testing (also known as Location based testing) is performed as part of software testing services to ensure that your website displays appropriate content and behaves as desired when accessed from any other geo-location. Serious testing efforts are required to make sure that location based functionalities work fine.

Here are some useful tips for location based mobile testing:

  • Ensure that the location is displayed accurately as difference of even 100 meters can make your app look unreliable to users.
  • Test location features by keeping your device in airplane mode.
  • Check your app behavior when power saving mode is on.
  • Turn GPS off and verify app behavior. 
  • Use location faking tools to test your app.
  • Verify app is able to track your location properly by remaining stationery and while on the move.
  • Check that your app is able to handle interruptions(Eg. call, SMS, notifications, signal drop, connection outage etc.) properly.
  • Test your app in different network conditions (Eg. 2G, 3G, LTE, WiFi).

Numerous cell phones have a worked in GPS recipient that decides the geographic area of the gadget. Geolocation information can be utilized as a part of numerous versatile applications: maps, route, following, cartography et cetera.

When building up an application that utilizations geolocation information, you have to check whether the application forms the information accurately. To test the application conduct in areas that contrast from the real area, or to test the application on emulators and virtual machines that have no GPS beneficiary, you may need to indicate the supposed mock location- a predefined area that abrogates the real organizes.

With TestComplete, you can recover GPS information from the gadget and make versatile tests. In addition, with TestComplete, you can indicate and change ridicule area information straightforwardly from tests.


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